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about us.

Our history

FIXit.pt is a national brand 100% dedicated to property remodeling and redevelopment, with an experienced team at your service.

The purpose for the creation of the brand FIXit.pt was, according to the present difficulties of purchasing a new home, we set our minds in order to provide a property remodeling and redevelopment service with technical projects and 3D simulation as a starting point for your constructions.

So we don't start a work without making sure of what you really want and if you are going to feel accomplished with the home you always dreamt of within your budget.

This way we put at your disposal our "key in the hand" service, so that you may have your remodeling, don't waste time and without headaches.

All of our service is made thinking of a single purpose, which is, your SATISFACTION.



2Meeting and Surveying


4Delivery of the Proposal/Budget

5Flow up

6Proposal agreement

7Beginning of Remodeling

8Weekly meetings (or according to schedule)

9Remodeling conclusion

10Delivery of the construction